Name: Afternoon Shade

Size: 40x30

Medium: mixed media on canvas *SOLD*


The inspiration for Megan Cosby's Circles in the Sky series came from having to drive weekly into the San Marco area of Jacksonville, FL. The entire drive is lined by trees on both ends of the road. The trees reach across so all you can see when you look up is leaves. Cosby explains, "Each time I made the drive I'd look up and notice the shapes inside the leaves. The negative space made such a beautiful composition. It was like there were circle cut-outs towards the sky."

Cosby's intention for this series was to focus on the negative space and convey this feeling of circle cut-outs in the sky. She next wanted to paint people in this same world but reacting different. Cosby's goal of this series is to create a peaceful surrounding and mood disrupted only by the different emotions of the figures in the paintings. Megan explains, "I think people are good at hiding what they really feel good or bad and that even in the most peaceful surroundings someone's disposition can alter the environment. My goal was to disrupt the peaceful tone through the slight signals of emotion that each lady in the picture portrays. Each of these ladies's has her own story and her own secret. I wanted them to make the viewer wonder what was on their mind."

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