Name: Coffee date in september

Size: 36x36

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas


The Let it Rain series was a result of unfortunate events. Megan Cosby clarifies saying, "I recently struggled through a challenging phase in my life, and everything that could go wrong did. This series is derived from the cliché that when it rains it pours." Through all the mishaps Cosby somehow always found a way to paint and she felt fortunate to have that outlet. This series though taken from a depressing context, is meant to be positive. Megan explains, "The one thing that I demand in my life is to always have fun. During the time of this series I decided to sort of mock my misfortunes and laugh at the irony. What else can you do? All of the figures are drenched in a chaotic atmosphere and each is at home in all of the mess. I wanted to bring the viewer into that horrible month and soak them inside a beautiful storm." This series helped Cosby to step back from the chaos and allowed her time for reflection.

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