Name: Indigestion

Size: 40x30

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas


The Pink Soda Series was meant to be loud. Megan Cosby clarifies saying, "I was told by many people not to paint with pink, not to paint bright and not to paint girly. How can I follow these instructions when I'm pink, I'm bright and I'm girly?"

Cosby started this series wanting to incorporate abstract painting into her work. The background of each painting has layers of paint with hidden compositions all spattered and covered by pink paint. Cosby says, "I couldn't have represented myself more closely at the time then through this series. I think that in many ways I cover the layers underneath me with a smile and a pretty dress. All of the people in each painting are people that I know. Each is in a dress, covered in pink and posed in a not so lady like position. I see these paintings as a true representation of most of my friends that are girls. There's a different demeanor about someone who possesses thoughts even if they're wearing a hot pink dress."

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