Name: garden pocket

Size: 36x36

Medium: mixed media on canvas *SOLD*


The one thing that Megan Cosby can honestly say she is most used to is change; Paper Flowers embodies this. Cosby made the series during another change in her carrier as an artist. Cosby explains, "While I was creating these paintings I was in the process of realizing that I needed another job in addition to painting. I think I was fighting so hard to keep my title of "artist" that I didn't understand that the economy doesn't care how much you love your work. I made this series during my last month of solely being an artist."

Cosby's goal with Paper Flowers was to put strong figures inside a delicate sometimes fading background. Cosby clarifies, "I wanted the background to be more delicate then the people in it. Things change, people change, places change but all you have during this time is yourself. The strongest people I meet are happy with where they are every day, good or bad. I think that it's harder to truly enjoy your day when it isn't the day you wanted or the place in your life where you want to be. Each of the ladies in my paintings has her own struggle and each has her own gratification." The Characters Cosby creates represent her own attitudes about dealing with change.

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